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*With a knife, file or hacksaw blade, make a small nick in the hard seedcoat opposite the germ eye.  The hole should not be large, just enough for water to get through.


Soak the seed in water until it swells.  Be sure to plant as soon as the seed swells, as the plant will drown if left too long in water.*


You may skip the scarification process.  However, germination is faster with the scarification.


Plant the seed 0.5 inches deep in loose rich soil.  We recommend that you plant first in a pot.


After the cotyledons (seed leaves) appear, water sparingly.  Over watering may cause stem and/or root rot.


The plant grows slowly until about six leaves appear.  After this happens, the plant will grow quickly.  In one year, it will grow into a small bush about 2 ft. tall.  At this time, you may leave it in a small pot and bring it indoors during the winter.


In the second year, the plant should be planted outside or in a large tub.  In cold winter areas, the roots should be lifted and stored or the plant should be in a large tub to be stored in a cool place until spring.


Guaranteed to Grow


The Garden Exotica offers a guaranteed to grow policy on any plants that are not established.  We will send up to one (1) replacement for each seed sold.


Please send an e-mail to stating that you are requesting a replacement.


We thank you very much for your business.


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