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Plumeria Planting Instructions


In warm areas, the plumeria may be planted outdoors.  Areas with cold winters (below 50* F) plant in a large pot to be moved indoors during winter.


Fill a large (1 gal. Minimum) pot with loose soil or a complete potting mix.  Clip the dried end the plumeria.  Be sure that you clip off all the dried, dead parts before planting.  Sink the stalk vertically about 3” into the dirt or mix.


Keep the plant in partial sun until established (2-3 months).  When the first leaves appear, mist the leaves regularly to keep them from aspirating and dehydrating the plant before the roots are established.


After the plant is established, it may then be transferred to the ground or a larger pot.  Flowers may appear as soon as one month after initial planting.


In areas with cold winters, cut the plant back and transfer to a warmer area.


Guaranteed to Grow!


The Garden Exotica offers a guaranteed to grow policy on any plants that are not established.  We will send up to one (1) replacement for each plant sold.


Please send an e-mail to stating that you are requesting a replacement.


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